Privacy Policy

The information collected on this site will only be used for verifying your information, processing transactions and to aid in contacting you should any issues arise. Your information will not be resold or distributed to any third parties. Data may be duplicated for the purposes of backups, but this will not be distributed or sold to third parties (as stated before). If you have taken precautions and find your information disclosed or compromised, please contact us as soon as possible.

Newsletter & Email Notifications

Newsletters allow us to update you on new product releases and are optional, while email notifications are product specific, and are only used when a product is updated with a new version or changes (these are not optional, but are rare and only used when a product has been updated).


Tower Designs uses the OpenCart framework, as such any cookies created are specifically for the functionality of OpenCart - and only linking your browser to a login session (these are set to expire in a short time if you forget to log out); these laws are exempt from the EU e-Privacy Directive which appeared in 2011, hence we do not ask for permission to store them.